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The family-like atmosphere of the 9th FHDW Jump Meeting inspired the elite of the jumping world again in 2008. No fewer than six German year’s best performances were achieved on 25.5.2008 in front of 1300 spectators in Garbsen. Nineteen-year-old Raul Spank’s 2.30 m high jump was outstanding. With this height he even beat Eike Onnen, who had headed the list of the world’s best in 2007 with a jump of 2.34 m. Further splendid performances were achieved by Nils Winter with 7.94 m in long jump, Charles Friedek with 16.49 m in the men’s triple jump and Katja Demut with 14.00 m in the women’s triple jump. Outstanding performances in the junior events were achieved by the triple jumpers Philip Lindmüller with 14.74 m und Jenny Elbe with 13.18 m. These distances also mark current German best performances.

This was now the ninth time that the FHDW Hannover and the SC Garbsen sports club organised the FHDW Jump Meeting. Thanks to the great commitment of the many voluntary helpers and the excellent performances by the athletes this event has become a firm fixture in German athletics. The close contact with the spectators, the encouraging applause for the athletes and the recognition by coaches and spectators of every personal best performance have now become something special in the commercialised athletics scene.

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