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FHDW Hannover: Top in allen Rankings

Experts and students agree: The FHDW deserves top marks.

Whether it be the ZEIT newspaper’s study guide, the Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (CHE)(Centre for University Development) or the studies quality monitor by the Deutsches Zentrum für Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsforschung (DZHW), for years surveys and rankings have attested to the outstanding quality of what we offer particularly in the areas of the studying situation, the range of studies offered, care and guidance and for the interrelationship of theory and practice and we regularly achieve top slots in the rankings.

Top grades nationwide

We place particular emphasis on how our students and graduates rate us because if they are happy then we have reached our objective. And so far, we have been successful here: in the largest national survey of students, the CHE-Ranking (Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung) (Centre for University Development) gives us top grades nationwide year for year.

We always do particularly well in the category “feasibility of the study course”. This refers to various factors. Apart from the study course completely complying with the study regulations it also covers access possibilities to the lectures and the way that which is taught coordinates with the examination regulations.  

In the current CHE ranking the FHDW Hannover achieved top marks for, amongst other things:

  • Support given by teaching staff : Grade 1.6
  • Feasibility of the study course: Grade 1.6
  • Practical relevance: Grade 1.8
  • Rooms: Grade 1.5
  • Support for studying abroad: Grade 1.9

The FHDW Master’s courses achieved comparable results in the current studies quality monitor by the Deutsches Zentrum für Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsforschung (DZHW):

  • 90% of those questioned like or love studying at the FHDW Hannover;
  • 85% are satisfied or very satisfied with the study conditions;
  • 100% consider the number of participants in lectures as “highly satisfactory”.

Further information

Top marks everywhere: The FHDW regularly does outstandingly well in nationwide university rankings. Here you can read why the FHDW Hannover belongs at the top: