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Financing your studies – not so difficult at all

The FHDW Hannover is a private university and independently funded. It is funded among other things by the monthly student fees of 600 or 650 euros. Of course this is no small sum for a student; however there are ways and means to be partially or even wholly relieved of this burden - and that is by being sponsored by one of the FHDW Hannover’s partner companies who take care of the fees. In addition credit institutions offer low-interest student loans, including monthly “pocket money”. So anyone who is interested, no matter what his or her financial situation, can benefit from these opportunities to pay for studying at the FHDW.

Those who are good can expect a great deal

During their studies the students do internships in companies. These internships can all be done in different firms or in just one firm. 

The FHDW Hannover’s partner firms organise and arrange these internships in agreement with the university. Many of them use this co-operation as a systematic way of developing their staff. As a rule the students receive payment for their internships or else the company pays part or all of the university fees – providing that the students demonstrate above-average ability and a willingness to learn.

Some firms offer company scholarships for FHDW students.

Student Loans and Grants

Student loans

Almost all large banking institutions and, as of 2001, also the Hanover Student Union, now offer student loans, which allow students to complete their studies quickly without wasting time and energy working in pubs and warehouses. Here are three recommendable offers:


Particularly hardworking and talented students can receive scholarships from foundations. Two which are particularly interested in the FHDW Hannover can be found here: