• Clear concept, short length of study course


The selection procedure at the FHDW Hannover

If an applicant fulfils the formal admission requirements and the preliminary interview has been positive there then follows a multi-level selection procedure. Here, briefly, are the most important aspects:

STAGE 1: Pre-selection based on the advanced school leaving certificate ( “Abitur”) average score

  • Invitation of candidates with an average score of at least 2.9 or particular commitment socially or in sports

STAGE 2A: one-day selection procedure, part 1

  • English test
  • Test of logic and abstract skills

STAGE 2B: one-day selection procedure, part 2

  • Explanation of industry’s expectations, given by company representatives
  • Applicants’ presentations of themselves
  • Simulation of a working situation as a group task
  • Drawing up applicant appraisals by observers

STAGE 3: Application to a company

  • With a positive appraisal: The student applicant applies to an FHDW partner company or to a firm of his/ her own choosing

Selection in Practice 

The student applicants already gain a foretaste of what to expect in their studies and in working life during the selection procedure at the FHDW Hannover. Ina Ochsenreiter, writing for the education magazine “BildungsSPIEGEL”, looked over the shoulders of the professors, industry representatives and applicants during an assessment centre for the study courses Computer Sciences and Computer Sciences for Business at the FHDW Hannover.