• Family-like atmosphere

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Quality of supervision

The FHDW Hannover is a small university with an almost family-like atmosphere: Every professor looks after an average of only 21 students. The advantage: Every student can establish a lasting personal relationship to the lecturers. This is what makes the outstanding quality of supervision at the FHDW Hannover possible. This relationship is built up in small workgroups and intensified in fixed consulting hours with the lecturers. Moreover even when at home and on days without lectures the lecturers are always available for the students. Not only for problems connected with studying.

Student life

Students are involved in the university processes. Every month coordinating talks are held with the head of the university. Getting on with your fellow students is also highly rated – a further advantage of the manageable size of the FHDW Hannover, where everybody knows almost everybody. The students organise sports contests and excursions, invite representatives from companies to come and talk - and often find time for joint activities over and beyond studying.

Mobile and active in Hanover

Discover the many leisure, cultural and educational facilities in the city and region of Hanover. You can find information, tips and suggestions on the following websites: