• Research makes knowledge grow


It is a guiding principle of the FHDW Hannover that the people teaching should be actively involved in research and that their teaching should be research based. Research is thus a core element of the way the FHDW Hannover sees itself as a university. 

This is the reason why the FHDW Hannover supports research with its own funds and individual incentives, by concentrating resources and the specific support of research focal points in order to increase the quantity and quality of research, to stabilise it and to make it easier to acquire external funds. The medium term objective is to develop a distinct research profile, clearly visible externally, to support the (Master’s) courses and to make a lasting contribution to the public image of the FHDW Hannover.

The internal furtherance of research, in order to find a focal point, particularly supports  projects concerning business processes and company models as well as company networks. In accordance with the thematic focus of the Master’s course this research focal point is called Business Engineering.

Three current projects contribute to this research focal point:

  • Refactoring information systems
  • New cryptographic systems  
  • Active processes of support measures in medium-sized enterprises