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The FHDW Hannover’s research co-operations

In September 2004 the FHDW Hannover signed a co-operation contract with the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and System Technology (ISST). It entails co-operation in the research field of Business Engineering. This co-operation is carried out in the " Refactoring of Information Systems" project focussing on "The Reorganisation of Business Processes" in the form of workshops. Here publications and research assignments are prepared. In the medium term the co-operation partners want to carry out a joint externally funded project.

Additionally the Computer Sciences department at the FHDW is represented in a research association together with the FhG (ISST, Berlin), the TU Technical University in Berlin (Prof. H. Ehrig), the University of Pisa, Italy (Prof. A. Corradini) and Leicester University, England (Dr. R. Heckel). Within this research association several publications will be issued.

Both of the FHDW professors involved in the cryptographic systems research project work very closely with scientists at Keio University in Yokohama and the mathematicians of Hirosaki University. The regular exchanges at international conferences are complemented by exchanging research periods with each other. Thus FHDW Professor Elsner was a guest professor in September 2006 in Japan und Professor I. Shiokawa in June 2006 at the FHDW Hannover. The object of cooperation with the Japanese scientists is the development of new cryptographic systems to improve security in e-business, an important application field in business engineering.

In the "Controlling of public grant programmes" research project the FHDW’s Business Studies department and the NBank, the central aid bank in the state of Lower Saxony are co-operating. The NBank provides the empirical base for the planned research, supports the contacts with companies and makes a financial contribution to this project. The co-operation with the NBank was further intensified in 2008 by the joint setting up of a centre for empirical medium-sized enterprise research (ZEM). This ZEM should provide the institutional framework for empirical social research at the FHDW Hannover.