• This is where the executives of tomorrow are learning today

  • Clear concept, short length of study course

  • First class cooperation partners

  • Almost like a family

  • Unique master’s programmes

Short duration of studies, intensive support and a high degree of practical relevance: These are only some of the advantages of our challenging study concept.

We focus on Business Studies and Computer Science courses. Academic training and professional qualifications always go hand in hand here.

The quality and the requirements of studying here are high. The bachelor’s degree comprises 210 rather than the more usual 180 credit points – and this is attainable in only three years of studying. From school leaving certificate to a master’s degree in only four years is possible here.

Would you like to get to know us better? Come and visit us. Every Thursday from 2pm to 4pm we give advice on studying here.


  • Business Studies
  • Computer Sciences
  • Computer Science for Business


  • Business Process Engineering
  • Controlling, Finances and Risk Management
  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Insurance Management

Company Co-Operations

Successful companies have to control and guide the human resources development of their skilled employees and executives with an eye to the future. And the some 200 companies that work in partnership with the FHDW Hannover are particularly good at that. They have access to the pool of FHDW applicants as well as direct influence on financial aid and supervision programmes for students and graduates. In return, the companies organise the practical training phases for the students and also occasionally pay their tuition fees. In addition, they provide positions for on-the-job training on a regular basis – even abroad.
Company programs enhance the quality of the education received.

Cooperating with the partner companies goes far beyond the systematic advancement of the study programmes. It includes working together in recruitment, the support of an individual development of human resources, post-graduate support and supervision and consulting and participation in company projects.


Ansicht Firmenkooperationen der FHDW

FHDW Hannover