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The FHDW Hannover is a private university of applied sciences operating independently. It broadens the limits of knowledge by using scientific methods and new technologies with entrepreneurial spirit and social responsibility.

The FHDW Hannover sees itself as a partner of business representing the students’ interests. The co-operation companies pay the student fees for particularly gifted and motivated FHDW students. They offer them practical application opportunities for the students’ theoretical knowledge and are engaged in research projects.

The study courses and research fields which the FHDW focuses on are applied computer studies as well as all the business and technical application fields requiring a good comprehensive and information technology-based knowledge of control mechanisms. The independent teaching and research faculty for Business Studies complements the information technology competencies and also offers a comprehensive study programme specialising in medium-sized enterprises, the management of international companies and the insurance business.

The FHDW Hannover is consistent in changing over to the specifications for European universities in its study courses. Its Bachelor and Master programmes are modularised, take into consideration the specifications of the European Credit Point System (ECTS) and fulfil international quality standards.

The courses are research-based and aim to result in instrumental, systemic and communicative competencies. FHDW graduates are in a position to apply current knowledge to solve business and technical problems, to contribute to change processes in a socially responsible way and –for those completing Master’s degrees- to do independent research.

All the professors participate actively in research and development projects. They impart their own knowledge systematically and with commitment to their students and with their publications contribute to the FHDW Hannover’s reputation.

The FHDW Hannover recognises the crucial contribution its staff make to the success of the university of applied sciences. It supports them by providing resources, delegating responsibility and providing room for creative and independent achievements. Different qualifications and alternative doctrines are recognised as the basis for creative problem solving.

All teaching and research results are evaluated systematically and form the basis for objectives which are agreed annually and co-operatively.

The FHDW Hannover is financed as a non-profit making enterprise by means of student fees, external funding for research projects and from donations. Financial surpluses are used in a non-profit making way to achieve the FHDW Hannover’s research and educational objectives.


The FHDW with its locations in Hanover originated in 1996 on the initiative of the Bildungszentrum für informationsverarbeitende Berufe (b.i.b.) – the education centre for information processing professions. b.i.b. was founded in 1973 by Nixdorf AG with the aim of achieving comprehensive professional training and further education in what were then new IT jobs. This orientation still to this day characterises the profile of the FHDW – and is the most important defining characteristic differentiating from other educational institutions.

ZevA (Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency Hanover) valuators on the FHDW

Very good service By means of its great flexibility and speed in dealing with the students as well as the co-operation companies the FHDW Hannover fills a niche which is usually not occupied by either universities or state universities of applied sciences.

Clearly addressed target group What the FHDW Hannover offers is aimed at students who are interested in swift and intensive studies which are particularly application based.

Attractive programme The FHDW Hannover can score well with teaching staff who are highly achievement-oriented and reach the intended clientele; outstanding students are attracted and supported by attractive finance packets which are sealed in co-operation with the participating companies.

Clever strategy The FHDW Hannover ensures the financial basis of the university with the help of Business Studies courses whereas the Computer Sciences department provides the “Beacon” for the contents of the profile. This strategy is to be continued for the Master’s courses too.